About Olympia Triumph

About Us - Company Background

Olympia Triumph International

Olympia Triumph represents some of the leading manufacturers in Europe, covering such diverse equipment as high performance ropes, full body harnesses, safety belts, fall arrest lines, abseiling devices, inertia reel blocks, ladder climbing systems, ascent and descent equipment, access equipment, tripods and lowering equipment, PPE, karabiners and snap hooks, overhead track systems, and a vast array of accessories and fittings.

Our Speciality

We, Olympia Triumph, design and manufacture a variety of specialised equipment, which compliments the above range. Some of these items include carbon fibre telescopic poles, and titanium grapple hooks, mounting brackets, pulleys, bespoke in-house designed parts and fittings. Suppliers to the Ministry of Defence and aerospace industries, international defence organisations and, NATO partners.