Metal Fittings

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Metal die cast hooks

Metal die cast hooks, where design and an attractive surface finish are important.
Download PDF (5Mb)

Snap Hooks

Snap hooks made from steel and forged steel for the optimum fixation.
Download PDF (539kb)

Stainless steel snap hooks

Stainless steel snap hooks and fixing elements essential if good quality is required even in adverse weather conditions
Download PDF (1Mb)

Cable cordage and chain accessories

Cable cordage and chain accessories for reliable fastening.
Download PDF (1.3Mb)

Fittings and snap hooks

Fittings and snap hooks, for personal protective equipment.
Download PDF (850kb)

Fittings for Cargo Restraint Systems

Fittings for Cargo Restraint Systems, vital if cargo is to be transported safely.
Download PDF (675kb)