On-site training & certification - tailored to your needs

Training is becoming an ever increasing aspect of UK industry. We realise how important it is that our customers can meet the required standards whilst minimizing impact on regular schedules. We have therefore structured ourselves to facilitate on-site training, in order to best suit your needs and convenience. Furthermore, this gives trainees the benefits of familiar surroundings and applications, and can also uncover requirements that might previously have been overlooked.

We recognise that the frequency of working at height varies greatly from one industry to another, and the level of expertise and experience will also be vastly different. As no customer is the same, neither are our courses. Each is tailored to the individuals need and application. Our one constant is the high level of training and years of expertise on offer.

We endeavour to provide the simplest and fail safe solutions for climbing and rescue, and specialise in the training of such techniques. The simple and secure approach enables us to train the most inexperienced employee, the skills and confidence necessary to safely carry out their duties, within a short period of time.

Our Team

Our training team has had first hand training from the inventors and pioneers of the health and safety industry. From the Rollglissí first early applications of cable car escape back in the 1970ís, to today's vast array of equipment now on the market to suit every situation. Our training encompasses all the latest regulations, requirements and standards.